Cyprus High Commission Trade in London




Cyprus has a small domestic market and due to the open nature of its economy, access to international markets is of the utmost importance. As a result, trade has always played a crucial role in the development of the economy. Exports of manufactured products constitute the bulk of Cyprus domestic exports representing approximately the 65% of total exports.

The most important manufactured products exported to the UK during 2020 were pharmaceuticals (€7 million), clays (€1.8 million) and machinery (€1.3 million).This sustainability against the worldwide economic downturn can be attributed to a number of practices: small labour-intensive plants that are flexible in order sizes with well-qualified workers adept at learning new technologies; the modern technology employed ensures products of the highest quality and long shelf life; modern design techniques; quick turn-around times and improved marketing. In addition, all production, packaging and storage procedures adhere strictly to European regulations and standards.

To continue to meet the rigors of the global market, Cypriot manufacturers are constantly following developments and technological advances in their field of activity, while the government continues to encourage manufacturing by improving the infrastructure and creating industrial parks and free industrial zones.

The Cyprus Trade Centre invites British importers and distributors for an all-expenses paid visit to the island, including travel, accommodation and trade introductions, to explore the possibility of doing business with Cypriot exporters. For further information please contact the Cyprus Trade Centre.

The main industrial products available for exporting are the following:

For a comprehensive list of manufacturing enterprises, please visit our Directory of Exporters.